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Welcome To Groove London And Thank you for Taking the time to visit our Site.

Groove London was set up by a DJ from the South East London. Groove London Entered The World Of Internet Radio In 2014 And is now growing support from Dj's Mc’s And Producers, With the experience and strength, groove London Has taken the internet radio Scene by storm with the quality to broadcast, through past experiences with online radio stations, Groove London has gained many contacts in the music and radio business along with Technical Support And control.

We consider our listeners new and old the main reason for groove London success, without a good fan base we wouldn’t be where we are Today.

Streaming global with our many servers, groove London hits thousands of listeners every month.Groove London name come from the different kinds of groove music and being based in London town. The name was formed groove London, with all the different internet radio stations setting up is making the world of online radio very exciting and entertaining.

Groove London job is to Help Djs And Mc’s who need that extra exposure, giving them a Stage to perform and show their talents to platform and broadcast their style and identity to the world. Groove London had gained support from listeners from other countries including (Canada USA Cyprus Spain Australia and more) the interest has been overwhelming, the weekly radio schedule is getting more complete.


Groove London streams and Distribute all types of underground music from house, ukg, soul, funk, rare groove, drum n bass, rnb, oldskool, 80s, 90s and lots more. We Specialise in Providing you our Listeners with The very Best In Music You Request It and we will do our best to play it.

Most professional Djs now have their own equipment, from good old Technics 1210′s to the latest Pioneer tech such as the ddj or digital dj software(serato traktor) This is why we’ve made it easy to broadcast on our station from the comfort of your own Home! As long as you’ve got the equipment, an audio input to your computer and a good internet connection, we’ll do the rest.

Groove London provides the jingles for your show (Your locked into groove London streaming 24/7) We provide station Idents (you’re listening to groove London) and personalised name checks (“Dj groove London live in the mix”) for your show. All you have to do, is sell your show to the listeners and make it your own!

you can hit us up on




And Email

If you are interested in becoming a dj or would like to advertise on groove London or wish to sponsor a show, please contact the Station. Don't forget to get Involved and spread the word Tell a Friend or a member of family groove London has arrived and is here to stay.

Please click on our contact links.

Groove London Radio.

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